Unemployment insurance in California

When you start working in the company or on the manufacture, never forget about the security and protection for your work and working place. This includes both health insurance provided by your employer, and the unemployment insurance as well. The unemployment insurance will be helpful for you in the hardest times for your career.

California unemployment insurance is a part of national program that was created under the Social Security act. It is the unique product that was designed for the state citizens who are temporarily unemployed, partially and totally, with no fault of their own. You have to be officially employed in state and receive your wages officially as well during a long period of time (later, when calculating the amount of weekly benefits you get it will be taken into consideration).  It is an important condition for meeting the requirements, and there is no chance you get financial support from government if you quit by yourself. If you are physically able to work and you actively search it, you should apply for unemployment insurance in California and get the proper financial support from government.

The calculation of weekly benefits in terms of unemployment insurance in California, as it was mentioned above, is done taking into consideration your wages before loss of job, in so-called base period. So, the sum of weekly benefits you will be may be $40 up to $450 depending on the previous wages you have earned. This may be enough for the modest life during the period of search for the other working place (remember, that the maximum period of governmental support is 26 weeks). Still, if you feel it is not enough for you and you will not be able to make your ends meet, you have one more option here.

The policy of private unemployment insurance offered by most insurance companies will help you in getting the compensation for the lost wages, and together with benefits provided by the government that would be about a half of your wages. Making the most of these two policies you will be able to get the proper financial support for the period of instability when you look for the new working place.

Though private unemployment insurance in California is not provided by the government, but offered by insurance companies, these two are still connected. For instance, to get benefits in terms of private policy, you have to meet the requirements of governmental unemployment insurance.