U.S. Student health insurance

Most colleges in the United States require students to have health care coverage. If you don’t have protection against the unexpected, cheap college student health insurance is available.

Over 67% of college students in the United States use their parent’s coverage. The law in the United States is that college students and adult children can remain on the insurance plan of a parent until 26 years old.

If your parents don’t have coverage that you qualify for, then you will need to find your own coverage. One website that offers insurance for students is eHealthInsurance.

The advantage of health insurance for students is that it is affordable. In the event that you do not qualify for your mother’s or father’s plan, then your own plan offers the coverage you need without costing a lot.

Some companies are providing health insurance for college students who cannot obtain protection through their parents. College Parents of America has instituted a plan for students, which offers superior coverage than provided by many colleges. The premiums for this plan run from $1,464 to $1,848 and are determined by your deductible.

The drawback to individual health plans is that they have higher deductibles.

International students who study in the United States are required to have health coverage. The average cost of student medical insurance is $850 a year.