U.S. Pet insurance

People sometimes don’t think that insuring their cats, dogs and other pets (some people have got snakes, you know) is a necessary thing, and also quite an expensive deal that isn’t worth it. Well, it depends. Let’s just look at some facts about pet insurance plans and ratings collected from veterinary pet insurance reviews, so that you can have your own opinion based on them.

Firstly, fees for pet medical treatment are pretty high and, in fact, the prices go up about 12% each year. For example, if your cat does not land on it’s feet after a fall then fixing it’s bones can cost you up to $2000 (but if that happens, make sure that’s actually a cat you’ve got, not something else - because everyone knows they always land right). Another reason to look for affordable pet medical insurance is that in many cases pet insurance cost would be lower than expenses on treatment.

But even the best pet insurance only is valid for treating major issues. Let’s list some of them:

 - Broken bones

- Illnesses from asthma to cancer, bone diseases, skin infections, etc

- Treatment overseas in the vet clinic

- If your pet gets stolen (“dog-/catnapped) insurance company will pay for adverts and a reward

But not everything gets covered. You can’t claim a refund for:

 - Common illnesses like flus or parvoviruses

- Check-ups

- Anti-flea medications

- Worming treatments

- Whelping costs

 You can, of course, consider such option as self-insurance. No, it doesn’t mean that your cat will have to pays for his insurance himself (although that would’ve been great, wouldn’t it?), the idea is that you save money for such occasions yourself, and don’t give them to the insurance company, but there are a few downsides in that strategy.

- First of all, your savings are gonna grow slowly, and your dog can get sick the very next day since you started saving. But even the most cheap pet insurance companies will provide you with full coverage no matter how much money did you put on your account already.  

- Beside that, you can get sued if your dog causes an accident. In that case, if your dog in insured, you don’t have to pay for it. Cats, though, are not obliged by this law (just as by any other law, really - and that’s why we love them).

What you have to be really (and we mean really) careful and attentive about  is what type of pet insurance are you signing up for, because there are really (and we mean really) many of them. To simplify, one can divide them into three categories:

 - Limited in time, pay for accidental conditions

- Not limited in time, pay for accidental conditions

- Lifetime care - for a long run treatment

 By choosing wisely, you won’t lose neither your money nor your pet.