U.S. Mobile Home insurance

There are many mobile home insurancecompanies that offer professional services. Our website will help you find the policy that is right for your family. We can provide you with mobilehome insurance quotes and a motorhome insurance quote.

Under U.S. law a manufactured home and a mobile home are the same thing if they were made since June 15, 1976. A mobile home policy is what you need for a mobile home or a manufactured home.

A distinction is made when dealing with a modular home. A modular home will require a homeowner’s policy and not a mobile policy.

Why insurance for mobile homes is important?

One can never predict the future. Unfortunately floods, tornados, and fires destroy people’s homes. An indemnity for your mobile home is the perfect solution if you don’t have enough cash to repair your home if it was ruined by the weather.

What is included in mobile home coverage?

Your policy will protect the structures on your property as well as the mobile home from all types of damage. However some policies may not cover floods. People in New Orleans learned a few years ago that their mobile home policies did not cover them in the event of a flood. In many areas of the United States, a separate policy for flood insurance is required.

It is essential to know that your policy will not protect your mobile home when it is being transported.