U.S. Health insurance

Unlike many countries, universal health care is not provided to all citizens in the United States. Often employers provide affordable health insurance. People employed by the government also get outstanding insurance. Based on data from the Census, around 55% of people receive insurance from an employer and 10% buy it themselves from the insurance company.

However, many full time and part time employees do not have health care coverage. If you are one of these individuals it is essential to find low cost health insurance. Soon it may be required by law to have coverage in the United States. Individuals who do not have coverage will be penalized when they file their taxes in the future. This website can help you find medical insurance quotes with easy to use tools.

The number of people with health care coverage in the United States has been decreasing. In 2010 fewer than 84% of people in the United States had health insurance. Over 49 million individuals didn’t have coverage during the year. The lack of health care coverage has led to an increase in the cost of an indemnity and increased unemployment.

Coverage doesn’t have to be expensive. You can buy cheap health insurance that will cover you in the event of a major medical operation. An individual can purchase a plan for $80 to $90 a month. Most people spend that much a month on things they don’t need. Start drinking tap water instead of buying soda or bottled water in the supermarket. There are items that you can cut back on which will allow you to pay for health insurance.

Most Americans in the United States over the age of 65 qualify for Medicare. Currently Medicare insurance rates are $104.90 for 2013. Most people get hospital coverage for free under Medicare. However if you have to purchase Medicare Part A, the cost will be $441 per month this year.