U.S. Flood insurance

A flood insurance rate map is a great way to learn flood elevations for where you live. This map can help you find out what flood zone you are in.

It is important to purchase flood coverage as soon as you purchase a home. Typically plans don’t go into effect until a month after your policy was issued. You can obtain a cheap flood insurance quote in a few minutes.

Coverage limits vary depending upon the policy. Ideally you want to purchase a plan that will cover the total value of your home and its contents. Your policy will pay the value of the property up to the limit of the coverage you purchased.

Flood insurance rates vary. The more the deductible is the less the premium will be. When selecting a plan, the deductible for the building and contents will not be the same.

Flood insurance requirements vary by state. It is important to understand flood coverage in your state.

Your policy will cover damage to your abode and your personal belongings that are destroyed by the flood. It is important to keep in mind that flood coverage won’t pay for temporary living cost during the time repairs are being made. It also won’t cover vehicles that are damaged.

What will flood insurance cost?

Homeowners generally pay around $400 per annum for a policy. The premium depends on the age, design, and location of your home.