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Company Overview:

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Choosing an insurance company is a responsible task. People should find a company that will take good care of their requirements and needs, will have reasonable rates and will be available to help whenever their require this help and no matter where their are. Travelers Insurance is a stable insurance company that has been in the insurance market for over 150 years now. It offers you a full range of insurance services and guarantees the best quality of work.  

This company was founded long time ago by J.G. Baterson and at that time it offered insurance for people who were travelling around the States by steamboats and trains. At that time such forms of travelling weren’t very safe and many insurance companies did not provide insurance policies for it. Now Travelers Insurance is the 2d biggest property and casualty insurance company in the country. Now it deals not only with insuring travelers but also with a big number of insurance services for both in and out of the country cases. In 1993 the company left its original travel-oriented business which then started being named Travel Insured International. Travelers insurance was the first company to write auto insurance, space travel policy and to provide a hybrid automobile insurance discount.  

The Headquarters of the company are situated in New York City. There are also branches in Hartford, Connecticut and in St. Paul, the city of Minnesota. The company’s personnel nowadays numbers about 30 thousand of employees. The main countries of operation include Brazil, United Kingdom, Ireland, U.S., and Canada. The current CEO is Jay S. Fishman. Travelers Insurance company makes about 25$ billion per year which puts in on a position 116 among 500 largest US companies.

In 1870 the company introduced its well-known umbrella logo for the first time. And this symbol remained with the company through many years of changes. It was shown in many television commercials over the years. 

Insurance Services

More than 13 thousand of independent insurance agents represent the company so you can buy an insurance policy from them or get your personal insurance quote online. Travelers Insurance can provide you with many individual insurance policies, business insurance and special risks policies including:

Individual policies:Travelers Company Infografic

- Homeowner

- Boat & Yacht

- Renters

- Identity Fraud Protection

- Auto

- Valuable Items Coverage

- Flood

- Umbrella

- Condo

- Wedding & Private Events

Business insurance:

- Umbrella

- Business Owner’s Policy

- Workers Compensation

- Commercial Auto

Special Risk Insurance policies:

- Global Products

- Environmental Liability Insurance

-  National Property

-  Excess Casualty

- Ocean Marine

- Boiler & Machinery

- Indian Nations

- Inland Marine

Consumer Service Ratings and Financial Strength  

TRV-company Travelers Insurance’s financial strength rates show how well-qualified and respectful the company is that it can be trusted to fulfill a decent job for many years. The company got an “A” or “above rating” from A.M. Best. From Fitch Travelers Insurance got “AA”, from Moody’s it received “Aa2” and from Standard and Poor’s it got “AA”.   

In a survey lead by, the company was ranked by consumers with nearly 74 percent consumer satisfaction rating. It means that nearly 74 percent of Traveler’s clients would like to renew their insurance policies with this company.  

Better Business Bureau rated Travelers Insurance’s work with an “A”. In a period of three years there were a number of 418 closed complaints estimated. Most of those complaints were connected with billing and collection issues, products and services.

Advantages and Disadvantages


- Mobile tools apps for complaints and insurance policy services;

- High Financial Strength Ratings;

- Multiple policy options offered through the same company;

- User-friendly website with detailed information;

- Availability of a big number of local insurance agents all over the county.


Not all insurance options are available every state;

-  There have been certain complaints noted with billing/collection and insurance service issues.

Travelers company financial status