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History of American Family's Company

American Family’s company has a long history started by Herman Wittwer who american-family-insurance-office was an insurance salesman.  He offered his services mostly to farmers in Wisconsin but it wasn’t very successful as farmers had much lower risks of getting into road accidents than city drivers because they used their vehicles less often and usually put them up on blocks during cold times in winter. And on October 3, 1927 Wittwer decided to open Fаrmers Mutuаl Automоbile Insurance cоmpаny.

And at that point the company’s work started to spread from village areas to firstly small towns and suburbs and then to large metropolitan areas. A number of offered services and products grew every year according to demands of that time. The name of the company was changed into American Family Mutual Insurance Company in 1963 to reflect a broad client base of the company.

Today the company is among the most successful and popular ones. American family insurance products currently include:

- farm & ranch insurance
- auto owners policy
- umbrella
- health insurance
- life insurance policy
- retirement coverage
- business insurance
- homeowners insurance

American Family's Company American Family’s company has been working for more that 80 years now.Overthe years the company’s work spread to many parts of America. Nowadays it efficiently works in 19 States throughout the country. The company is customer-oriented and tries to build trust relationships with each of its client. The company is known by the great quality of work and good clients’ reviews.  

American Family’s Company positions itself as a mutual establishment where the customers of the company are at the same time its owners. In this way long-term business relations with effective results are expected. The owners always try to monitor the investments, keep their portfolio balanced and diversified and try to reduce volatility when it is required. The company offers great quality of product at reasonable prices and guarantees stable protection in case of unexpected events.

 The company claims to have approximately

- 18$ billion in management
- 6$ billion in client equity

These are good numbers for an insurance company that can show that it is efficiently working and can be relied on.

Annual Report

American Family’s Company offers to check out their annual report online to get all the facts, numbers and reviews of people who have chosen American Family Insurance among other insurance agencies to protect their lives and property.


On October 3, 1927, American Family Insurance Company started its with three only employees and 346 member policyholders. Currently it offers multiple insurance policies in 19 states. Moreover, the company is today the country's fourth-largest mutual property and casualty establishment.

American Family Insurance Company is now embraced of these companies:

- Lumbermens Casualty Insurance
- American Family Financial Services
- AmFam
- American Family Brokerage, Inc
- New Ventures
- American Family Mutual Insurance
- Wisconsin American Standard Insurance Company
- American Family Securities
- American Family Life Insurance
- PGC Holdings Corp. and some other companies

The company’s long history of 80 years proves its stable work and good quality of products.

The company offers its reliable insurance services to every client. You can get information and learn all about the peculiarities of insuring by contacting one of the local agents which will consult you as the insurance possibilities and suggests the options that will work best for you.

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