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Company History: The Allstate Company was created in by Sears Roebuck Allstate company office in 1931,  and in 1980’s all shares were given to Sears' Shareholders. In NYSE you may find Allstate with the symbol ALL.

The ratings of Allstate are quite impressive – it is the 2nd biggest personal property/casualty insurer in United States (according to the premiums) and the 13th biggest life insurer (insurance in force). According to the law of Delaware State Allstate Corporation was created on Nov 5, 1992 to work as company holding for Allstate Insurance, and now it is the biggest personal lines insurer in US that is publicly held. It has several branches - Allstate Insurance Company, Allstate Life Insurance Company and the subsidiaries of these all over United States and Canada. This network provides insurance products such as property/casualty, business, life and retirement insurance to over 17 million clients with the help of brokers, more than 14,000 agents, phone and Internet services. The most popular of Allstate policies is passenger auto insurance for individuals and homeowner insurance – the ranks of these two are about 11-12% market.

Allstate Life (now it is called Allstate Financial) provides you with life insurance, savings products and pension products through various distribution channels.

The other Allstate Insurance products that you may opt for are, for example, Assets protection products that include car insurance, homeowners and renters insurance, coverage for scheduled property, umbrella (for business or personal), all types of business insurance (car, business owner), manufactured and mobile home, all types of vehicles – from motorbikes to boats, and even federal flood coverage. Moreover, you may get your life and health insured through numerous policies. In terms of Asset Management and Accumulation you may purchase all types of annuities, different life coverage, and different types of funds, plans and funding agreements.

Principle Sales Methods

allstate-company-reviews Insurance provided by Allstate is sold through the network of agents and independent brokers, Internet and call centers. The focus of the company is on getting and keeping so-called "high value lifetime" customers.

Life Annuity Business: The Allstate Company is one of the top 25 writers of life insurance products and policies in U.S.

Allstate Financial offers life insurance, annuities, saving, investment and pension products through all kinds of distribution sources.

Car Insurance Business: The Allstate Company is the 2nd biggest car insurer in US.

Homeowners Business: Allstate is the 2nd biggest Homeowner insurer of United States.

Health Business: Allstate Company is at the top of the list of 25 insurers providing health insurance products in the United States.

Financial Status of the Company

Ticker Symbol: ALL

Assets & Premiums: Allstate Insurance Group is national insurance company that specializes in car and homeowners insurance. It also offers life insurance, annuities and personal pecuniary products. There is also Allstate subsidiary that provides banking services.

The premiums and income of Allstate has been steadily increasing for last few years from price increases. The assets of company are approximately $47 billion dollars or more. In 2005, Allstate got a great hit from hurricanes that happened in gulf ($5.8 billion in losses). Nevertheless, despite of profit and return being up and down, other financial indicators remained stable. This fact is an indication of a solid company that significant losses did not provoke serious financial distress.

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