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American Automobile Association Building Most insurance consumers often wonder if they should join membership clubs that as well provide insurance coverage and will the benefits they may get worth the cost of entering. It is easier to make a well-considered decision if you learn more about these clubs.

Basically, the first company you find while searching for this type of clubs is AAA, which is well-known motor club providing travel benefits, and one of the biggest auto insurers in the world. Those who are seeking for basic auto insurance usually ignore AAA, but for those consumers who need extra coverage and protection for their vehicles there are a lot of opportunities and discounts available. And to make the right choice and decide whether benefits are worth the cost, review all the special offers.

American Automobile Association Overview:

The AAA company – originally American Automobile Association, was created in 1902 with headquarter in Heathrow, Florida, has grown into a large establishment with over 51 million of members if 51 independent motor clubs all over North America. AAA was the first company that established driver security programs and opened its first school safety patrol program in 1920.

For long years of existing AAA maintained its interest in traffic safety, and in 1947 the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety was finally established and later, in 1998 it was awarded the distinction by the US Transportation Department as traffic safety partner number one for the Clinton administration’s. AAA today provides its customers with wide range of services and offer coverage for their members’ auto, life, health, homeowners and others.

To purchase the vehicle insurance from AAA you have to be the club member, and if you fall behind in your fees for membership, you automatically become ineligible for insurance. Fees vary depending on the type of plan you choose, and basically are $50 for basic insurance and twice as much for special plan. The inspection of your car before getting the policy may also be required.

The limits of coverage for car policies in AAA comply with those in each state, and members may choose liability and medical coverage, comprehensive collision, uninsured motorist or rental car reimbursement. For good driving, safety and multi-line policy you may get certain discounts and special offers. In case you as member of AAA have an accident with another AAA member involver, $250 deductible will be waived. Other benefits you may get are movie, cell, rental, prescription, hotel.

Emergency Roadside Service

American Automobile Association Office One of the greatest positive moments is the fact that you will get the emergency roadside service as a part of your membership. This program, originally called AAA accident assistance, has a great and long-standing reputation for perfect service.

For getting assistance and a tow, members may dial (866) AAA-BEST (866-222-2378) that is toll-free phone number, and your vehicle will be taken to repair shop preferred by the AAA company. Accident assistance will as well help in completing vehicle claim and get you a rental car for the time of your vehicle being repaired. It is truly one of the best roadside emergency program in the country.

Choosing AAA club has its strong pros and cons, and to make the decision you have to think about all details. Of course, AAA provides the perfect service and has AM Best Rating of A+ Superior and multiple membership discounts, yet if you have brand-new vehicle, such bonuses as roadside assistance and extra discounts for special coverage may not be needed for you and/or be expensive.

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