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Company Overview:

Geico Company History  GEICO Insurance establishment is a big insurance company that offers a wide list of popular insurance services. Many people recognize this company by its amazing television commercials with funny antics in them. Advertising can play a major role for a company’s success and that is why GEICO doesn’t save money on advertising to possible clients how they can effectively save their finances by becoming a part of GEICO. But you should remember that this company is not only respected and well-known for its commercials but it also has really a lot to offer to every client. There are plenty of useful insurance services offered by GEICO. Every customer’s needs are taken into account and recently some web and mobile applications have been specially created to make it even more convenient for clients.

The foundation of GEICO dated back to 1936 when it was offering only some automobile insurance policies. The company’s core customers at that time were military people and government workers. That is why the founder of the company, Leo Goodwin, gave it such a name. With time people from absolutely different levels of society became customers of GEICO. Now this company is considered to be among the first largest auto insurance establishments in the United States of America. The number of clients currently goes to 11 million of people and the number of insured vehicles is around 17 million.  

Geico Insurance Compsny Staff The headquarters of the company are located in Chevy Chase, Maryland. GEICO nowadays is among the automobile insurers with the quickest growing popularity. The main reasons for that include successful marketing efforts and low prices. Tony Nicely is the current president of GEICO. He has actually been in this company for more than fifty years. The personnel of GEICO numbers about 27,000 people throughout America. There are 7 affiliated companies of GEICO including GEICO Casualty, GEICO General and GEICO Indemnity. The company has individual approach to every client and people of different driving records can get insurance.

Financial Base

GEICO is currently owned by Berkshire Hathaway which is lead by Warren Buffet who is one of the richest American investors. GEICO has great ratings by A.M. Best that gave it AA+. Assets of GEICO today consist of more that 28 billion.

Current Insurance Services

GEICO are available to receive online and usual list of insurance services includes:

-  Automobile Insurance;

-  Umbrella Insurance Policy;

-  Motorcycle owners Insurance;GEICO Company Logo

-  Renters Insurance;

-  ATV Insurance;

-  Condominimum Insurance;

-  Homeowners Insurance;

-  Co-op Insurance;

-  Life Insurance;

-  RV Insurance;

-  Personal Boat/Watercraft Insurance;

-  Boat Insurance;

-  Commercial Auto Insurance;

-  Mobile Home or Manufactured Home Insurance;

-  Commercial Auto Insurance;

-  Overseas Insurance;

-  Snowmobile Insurance;

-  Flood Insurance;

-  Collector Car Insurance;

-  Business Insurance;

-  Identify Theft Protection.

Advantages and Disadvantages


GEICO is absolutely reliable insurance establishment that can offer you many possible insurance products. The big advantage is that practically every driver can purchase an insurance product even if he or she has a doubtful driving record. People with great driving records can get some discounts and their premiums can be reduced. So if you drive clean the price can be much cheaper for you. Good and trust relationships with clients is the GEICO’s main priority. Online services work 24/7 to answer all the questions and hear all the possible claims. For military people and government workers there are some discounts available.  


GEICO has a well-developed working online services with the help of which you can get quotes, make payments, change something in your policy or make a claim. But many people are more comfortable with personal touch with an insurer. If you happen to be one of those individuals GEICO services are probably not the best option for you.

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