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Hartford Insurance Company Office Listing the most famous and largest American insurance companies that have been efficiently working over years you cannot but mention The Hartford Financial Services Group. You can find there a full range of popular insurance services starting with life and homeowners insurance and finishing with business insurance and auto owners insurance. The foundation of this company dates back to 1810. It was founded in a beautiful city Hartford located in the state of Connecticut. There were some challenges that the company had to go through including a huge fire in 1835. Starting in 1913 new insurance services were offered to the clients of The Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company  including health insurance, auto owners liability, insurance in case of business interruption and some others.

Car Insurance Services

Car insurance by The Hartford can be bought from an insurance agent or if you are one of the members of AAPR it is easy to get it through you membership. There are many car insurance products offered to you. You can get the information of them on the web site or consult of the insurance agents. It will help you get the whole picture of automobile insuring and decide which insurance products you need. Currently the Hartford offer such services:

Hartford Company

-       Motorcycle owners insurance;

-       Collision;

-       Comprehensive policy;

-       Full glass;

-       Liability in case of property damage;

-       Towing and Labor;

-       Rental car insurance;

-       Personal injury insurance;

-       Medical protection and some other services.

The Hartford offers an amazing variety of discounts and benefits coming wit automobile insurance policies including:

-       Benefit that covers recovery care which covers expenses spent on medical assistance after a car accident;

-       Lifetime auto repair assurance that gives you great guarantees that if your car broke down it can be repaired in one of the Hartford authorized car repair shops.

-       NoDrop Promise – this service guarantees that your insurance company won’t drop you as long as you fulfill some very important requirements. First of all you cannot be by any chance condemned of a DUI offense. And secondly this insurance offer won’t work if your driver’s license were suspended due to any reasons.

-       New automobile replacement means that if particular insured accidents happen you can get replacement value for a new auto. It only works during 15 months or within the 1st 15 thousand miles.

-       First road accident forgiveness means that your 1st car accident won’t be counted against you within certain limitations.

-       Disappearing deductible. This option is offered for drivers with great driving record which can have their collision deductive reduced every year. Maintaining clear driving record you can end up with no deductive at all.

Besides that you can get some comfortable discounts such as:

-       Driver's Training Credit;

-       Car Safety Discount;

-       Credit for Defensive Driving;

-       Good Student Discount.

-       Home & Auto Insurance Bundle;

Awards and Ratings

The reviews on Hartford auto insurance have always been positive. According to Insure.com, about 91% of today Hartford insurance clients desire to renew their insurance policy in this company. Reputation of a company relies on its customers and if so many people want to continue dealing with this company it shows a lot about the quality of its work. The company was also the winner of People’s choice award in 2012.

Advantages and disadvantagesHartford Company


-       Award-winning Customer Service;

-       Several Auto Discounts Available;

-       Excellent Financial Strength Ratings;

-       Affordable Auto Premium Rates.


-       Certain complaints of claims handling;

-       There were a few complaints with issues in billing notices dispatched in error;

-       Complaints of growing premiums with no prior explanation.

Hatford Company Financial Status

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