Auto owners insurance in Minnesota

There is one interesting fact about automobiles. They say it’s a general rule about all things but with automobiles it is especially vivid for some reason. People who really love their cars spend a lot of time with them, take care of them, and sometimes (or a lot - when there’s no one around) talk to them and think of them as of almost alive. Now here’s a trick - after some time of this kind of treatment they do, in a way, gain some kind of spirit of their own. Having lot of experience in Minnesota auto owners insurance we have spent so much time with people’s cars that we just know it, though it’s hard to explain. Not only you get this vibe like you’re dealing with something that has it’s own, for no better word, soul, but occasionally it actually behaves - again, for no better word - in ways so strange that you can’t just take it as a lot of coincidences.