6 Kinds Of Insurance Protection You NeededOct 8, 2013

Insurance protection Most of the people know about the importance of auto, homeowners, life and other core insurance types. But, are you really aware of what kind of coverage your policy can provide? There are some insurance variations that you did not think you needed, when actually, you might. Here are some of the most helpful insurance types you might require.

Personal Electronics Insurance

If you have expensive TV-sets, refrigerators or other electrical devices, Personal Electronics Insurance can be indispensable for you. This insurance variation is broader than a typical home insurance coverage and can cover more types of damages including those that happen whilean installation of computer equipment, audio equipment, stereos and flat-screen TVs. Some insurance plans even cover the replacement and repair of some items.

Scheduled Personal Property Coverage

Scheduled Personal Property can be a "floater" to your homeowners insurance plan, and assign special value amounts to prized things such as jewelry, artwork, expensive handbags, furs and designer clothing (a professionalappraiser is usually required to set a value to your belongings). Quite often policyholders consider that their home insurance will protect such possessions in case you are a victim of theft, have a fire or other accidents that damage or fully destroy the expensive possessions in your home. And homeowners insurance typically does cover those situations but there are certain limitations to the reimbursement and often the compensation can turn out to be not enough to replace your loss. For instance, asInsurance Information Institute states, a stolen or ruined wedding ring can be replaced only at a maximum sum of 1,500$. This insurance variation also covers valuable items that are accidentally misplaced, are lost during a trip and even wedding rings dropped down the drain.

Burial Coverage

Lots of people today arrange for burial plots before their death. You can also take care of all the funeral expenses by purchasing aburial insurance.  Burial insurance plans can commonly be purchased from independent life insurance agents, and sometimes from funeral homes. Thepremium typically consists of only a few dollars per month or week and the sum of coverage usually depends on the age of the policyholders at the time of death (usually the younger the policyholder is at the moment of death, the bigger compensation there can be). Although it may seem morbid to bother about your funeral while you are far from it, burial coverage is really the right thing to consider. A funeral these days can cost a lot and thinking of your family’s future expenses is the right thing to do.

Dog Bite Insurance

Dog Bite InsuranceAll the dogs’ owners surely hope that they beloved little friends won’t harm people, but quite often it happens.  Insurance Information Institute states that 50% of dog bites take place on an owner’s property and in general dog bites account for about one-third of all home insurance liability claims. Most of the homeowners or renters insurance plans include dog bites. However, the laws around owner liability differ from state to state and sometimes your insurance policy can cover only a part from caused damage. If your furry friend bites an individual and you are sued because of it, the coverage limits of your insurance plan can be not enough to indemnify all the loss. You can get anumbrella liability plan to increase the limits. It will cover the damage that your basic insurance cannot compensate.

Flood Insurance

While most renter and homeowner's insurance plans protect against natural causes like wind damage, hail, fire and other calamities, flood insurance doesn't commonly on the list of insured cases.So you need to get a separate flood insurance plan to secure protection from possible flood damage.

Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance To create a memorable wedding you need not only make numerous arrangements but also spend a lot of money. The big day requires thousands of little details to be paid for.   Wedding insurance is aimed to pay for any missteps that can occur during wedding preparations including covering costs if your tailor happens to ruin your wedding dress during alterations, in case the caterer you paid for stops returning your calls, if you need to put off the event due to illness or death or the gifts received at the wedding are damaged. This insurance variation is offered for buying along with other insurance plans in numerous companies.

The Bottom Line

Insurance system is intended to protect people from the unknown occurrences. Whether it's prized possession, pending marital vows or an unpredictable pet, you need to make certain that you have a clear picture of exactly what is covered and compensated in your current insurance plans to know whether you may require purchasing extra coverage, for pecuniary peace of mind.