Core qualities of a good insurance agentSep 23, 2013

If you are considering becoming an insurance agent and thinking if you can manage such a job, then you should definitely know about certain personal qualities that an insurance agent needs to posses. The following basic qualities usually characterize good insurance agents.

Work with people

A good insurance agent 1. A good insurance agent puts the desires of his or her client first– An insurance agent who doesn’t pay much attention to needs of the client and whose only desire is to earn a commission cannot stay very long in the insurance sphere. Agents who try to listen carefully to everything what their clients have to say and care about their problems can easily have their trust, which is usually the most difficult part of an insurance agent’s job. Those agents can put their customers into a product that gives a much lower commission because it is more suitable for their needs have more chances to succeed in this business.

2. Excellent customer service- Customers who can contact their agents when they require their assistance have bigger chances to be reassured and happy. An opportune response to phone calls and e-mails is a necessity, and you should be able to do what you promise to do, or at least have a good excuse as to why you cannot do that. One of the most frequent complaints of individuals who buy life insurance products is that they cannot find anyone to answer their questions and give needed information after they have bought the product.

3. Emotional intelligence– This major quality includes the desire to listen to a client and try to discern what their real needs and desires are. A good agent should be tactful and polite and should know how to help a client to see financial situation clearly, even if the customer is dead set against it.

Strong Personality

Successful work as an insurance agent 1. High level of energy - Among the most valuable qualities of a successful insurance agent is that they need to be eager and quite excited all the time. A sad, dreary or worn-down disposition can rub off on clients straight away and discourage clients from purchasing any product.


2. Perseverance- This is perhaps the most essential quality of any solid insurance agent. Those individuals who work in this sphere absolutely need to be able to cope with rejection very often in their careers, and meet it with a smile on their faces. Good insurance agents get it that every "no" can only bring them closer to some client who finally will say "yes" to them.

3. Honestyand truthfulness- Those insurance agents who cheat and use deception to make a deal usually seldom stay in the same organization for a very long time - and in some cases they can easily end up behind bars. A good agent realizes that telling clients the truth up will surely win them clients'trust and respectand can make clients want to stay with this agent for more deals.

Basic Knowledge

A professional insurance agent 1. Wide range of offered insurance servicesand products - As the old saying tells us, “If all you have to work with is a hammer, then everything in the world looks like a nail”. A professional insurance agent should be able to offer to clients a wide and comprehensive range of insurance services and products that can fit any reasonable need and desire a client might posses.

2. Technical knowledge- A solid insurance agent should be aware of much more things apart from how to sell an insurance product. The agent has to understand the tax and legal details of the products and services he/she sells and how they are created to suit a client's financial position. A lot of agents earn some financial planning designations including theChartered Financial Counselor, Certified Financial Planner® or some other credentials.

The Bottom Line

So here are just some of the most essential qualities that a life insurance agent should possess in order to succeed. The sphere of life insurance can be very fierce and challenging and quite rewarding for those individuals who are eager to learn the essential skills to build their businesses. For more detailed information on how you can become a professional insurance agent, you can contact one of recruiting offices of some different agencies.