Affordable Health Insurance for ChildrenJul 12, 2013

Affordable Health Insurance for Children - Enroll Your Child in a Public Program

Medical insurance for childrenFor starters, there are two major government insurance plans in US that take care of insuring children, the difference between them is how much income your family should be making in order in apply for them.

Firstly, there’s Medicaid. Medicaid is providing affordable health insurance for children and families that have limited and low income. It does not provide medical insurance for children only, they also take care of seniors, pregnant women and people with disabilities.Medicaid also can insure kids that are legal immigrants, even if their parents aren’t. 

The second program is called CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program). CHIP is health insurance for kids in families whose income is too high to apply for Medicaid. Every state has different rules for CHIP when it comes to cases like when grandparents are raising a child, for covering pregnant women, and so on.

Also, both of these programs are called differently in every state (in Connecticut CHIP programs is called “Husky Plan”, in Delaware it is “Delaware Healthy Children’s Program”). To find out about what they are called in your state, if you can be eligible for one of them, and for more detailed information on
health insurance quotes for children in your state, you should go to the US government healthcare site -, where you can apply for either of these programs online.

Children's Healthcare Once you got your approval, you will receive a list of your local medical providers that work with these programs. You can go there every time your child needs to visit a doctor, and you are covered in case of an emergency. You can also take your child there for check-ups, prescription drugs, immunization, and mental health care. Also, CHIP is not a
child only health insurance program, so if your family received approvement for coverage provided by CHIP, you can go to the local medical supporters yourself if you are pregnant or if your condition can somehow affect the child.

One important note at the end - don’t be afraid to go the extra mile when it comes to paying for medical services and prescription drugs - negotiate with your doctors, check out the local pharmaceutical companies (often the active elements in their drugs are exactly the same as in brand high-priced medication), and dedicate your time to finding out about all the details of your insurance deal so you know exactly what you can count on